What is bc command in Linux. bc command all options with examples in Linux

bc is a command line utility in Linux distributions which can perform arbitrary precision calculations. In this article we will discuss bc command all options with examples in Linux. With bc command we can do simple to complex calculations in Linux distributions. bc is a language that supports arbitrary precision numbers with interactive execution of … Read more

How to schedule a job in Linux. at, atq, atrm, batch commands all options with examples in Linux

In Linux distributions we can schedule jobs in two different ways. One is using crontab and second is scheduling using at command. Main difference between crontab and at commands are by using crontab we can schedule the recurring jobs and using at command we can schedule one time jobs at particular time period. In this … Read more

Shell script for du – disk usage command examples in Linux

du (disk usage) command in Linux is used to check the disk usage for files and directories. It has more options to work with disk usage check for files and directories. I had written a detailed article about du (disk usage) command examples in below article. Please check it to learn more about every option … Read more